Hellenic Republic
Ministry of Foreign Affairs



3 Akadimias street, Davaki Arcade

Office hours: 10.00 - 14.00

Tel: 3682700 Fax: 3682474


The purpose of the Citizen Information Office (CIO) is to communicate with and inform citizens on issues concerning the operation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The CIO will inform and advise the citizens on actions required for dealing with their affairs and provide all relevant information so that citizens may be promptly directed to the following departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that have transactions with the public:

1)Repatriation of Greek nationals living abroad and Greek-Pontiacs from the former Soviet Union

2)Certification and stamping of documents issued abroad by foreign authorities and have not been stamped by the relevant Greek Consulates

3)Foreign delegations accredited in Greece (addresses - telephone numbers) and Greek delegations accredited abroad (addresses - telephone numbers)

4)Scholarships for Theology Studies, Byzantine Music and Hagiography in Greece

5)Scholars being nationals of other countries or Greek nationals residing abroad, for undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Greece

6)Study of texts of the Historical Archives

7)Provision of certified translations by the Translations Service, translations from any place in Greece, certification of Greek documents addressed to foreign states, certification of signature of shipping documents

8)Attestation of national descent certificates of Istanbul citizens and previous employment certificates

9)Attestation of seamen by shipping companies representatives, recruitment of foreign seamen in Greek ports

10)Military service of Greek nationals residing abroad, search of persons abroad, loss of personal documents and items

11)Provision of VISA to company employees, student certification for foreign students attending Greek universities, except the former Eastern Countries, arrival of foreign artistic groups and athletic events

12)Certification for commercial negotiations, tourism and arrival for employment from Balkan countries, CAE and CAC countries

13)Examinations for employment of staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

14)Compensation and social security of Greek nationals residing abroad

15)Requests by emigrants and repatriated

16)For change of residence, issuance of MKE certificates and issuance of passports