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GRIGORIS NIOTIS, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

Personal and Political Background

Grigoris Niotis was born in Nikaia, Piraeus in 1949.

He studied Law at the University of Athens, as well as Politics and Economics. He is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece).

He is the author of a number of monographs and articles on issues and policies regarding Greeks Abroad.

He is married and father of a daughter and a son.

He speaks English.


Parliamentary and Party Service

Grigoris Niotis has been elected as a Member of Parliament with PASOK Party (Panhellenic Socialist Movement), on the top of the list in the Second District of Piraeus, during the elections of 1989, 1990, 1993 as well as in 1996, and has served (from 1996 to February 1998), as Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Greeks Abroad, as well as a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

He is also a member of the Central Committee of PASOK and Party Secretary of the Committee of Greeks Abroad.


Governmental Service

On February 19, 1999, Grigoris Niotis was re-appointed Deputy Foreign Minister in the government of Prime Minister Costas Simitis.

From July 1994 to January 1996, he served as Deputy Foreign Minister responsible for Greeks Abroad, in the government of Andreas Papandreou and during his term, the “Council of Greeks Abroad” (ÓÁÅ) was established.

He was the Prefect of the Arkadia Prefecture as well as Governor for Peloponissos Region between 1985 and 1989.

Between 1983 – 85 he was the President of the State General Hospital of Nikaia, while, at the same time he was elected as an Alderman at Nikaia’s Town Hall and a candidate for the position of Mayor in this city.


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