Grivas Ioannis

Originally the President of the Supreme Court, he became the Prime Minister of a caretaker government that was formed on October 12th, 1989 in order to carry out the elections of the 5th of November. After the elections he turned over his office to Xenofon Zolotas, leader of the coalition government.

Born in 1923 in Kato Tithorea of Lokrida, he studied law at the University of Athens and in 1954 he joined the Judiciary. In 1979 he was elected in the Supreme Court and became its vice-president in 1986 and eventually its President, a post which he served during the period 1989-1990.

Ioannis Grivas was a member of the Court that tried the leaders of the 1967 dictatorship and also the president of the special court that was formed for the trial of a vice minister of the 1985-87 PASOK governments who was accused of participating in an economic scandal.

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