Stasinopoulos Michael

Michael Stasinopoulos was the first president appointed after the political changeover in December 1974. He kept office until June 1975 when he was succeeded by Constantinos Tsatsos.

Born in 1903 in Kalamata, he studied law at the University of Athens where in 1937 he was acclaimed lecturer in law. He was originally member of the Council of State, then became an associate judge in 1937, vice-president in 1960 and eventually President of the Counsil of State in 1966. He was the professor of Administrative Law at the University of Athens and a professor in Panteios University where he served as dean between 1951-1957. In 1968 he was elected academic at the class of Ethics and Political Science. He was an honorary lecturer of the universities of Bordeaux and Paris. He was removed from his position of president of the Council of State in 1969, due to a resolution of the council which declared the military dictatorship illegal.

His enormous lecturing and writing work contributed to the formation of Administrative law in Greece and in directing Greek law in general. At the same time with his scientific work he was into literature, bringing out his work in literature magazines, mostly the "Estia" magazine.

After the fall of the dictatorship in 1974 Michael Stasinopoulos was elected first MP in the state list of the party of New Democracy, and after the referendum which declared Greece an non-monarch Republic, the Parliament of Greece appointed him as the first President of the 3rd Greek Republic.

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