Stefanopoulos Costis

Current President of the Hellenic Republic, he was elected by the greek Parliament and took over his duties on March 9 1995.

Born in Patra in 1926, he studied Law at the University of Athens. He precticed law until 1961 when he became involved in politics. He was first elected MP in 1964 on the National Radical Union party ticket.

He served as an under-secretary of Commerce in the coalition government of Constantinos Karamanlis in 1974. In 1974he joined the party of New Democracy and was continuously elected on its ticket until 1985. He was a member in the governments of Constantinos Karamanlis as a MInister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Social Securities and Minister of Presidency.

He claimed leadership of the party of New Democracy twice in 1981 and in 1984 unsuccesfuly. After the elections of 1985 that were unsuccessful for New Democracy he was in disagreement with Constantinos Mitsotakis and left the party followed by 15 other MPs, to form a new political party: Democratic Renewal. As the leader of D.R. he was re-elected MP in the elections of June 1989 but couldn't make it again in the following elections, in 1990. As soon as his party failed at the elections Costis Stefanopoulos announced its breaking off and withdrew from politics.

However in 1995 PASOK proposed him for presidency and the Parliament elected him after three elections. He took over his duties on March 9, 1995. He is a widower with three children.

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