Tzannetakis Tzanis

He has served as Prime Minister and as Minister of Tourism in the coalition government of New Democracy and Coalition of the Left in 1989, from July until October.

Born in Gytheio in 1927, he has served as an navy officer but resigned on the 22nd of April 1967. One day after the prevalence of the military dictatorship on 21st April.

Between 1969-1971 he remained in prison. After the political changeover he joined the party of New Democracy and has been continuously elected MP since 1977. He has been appointed Minister several times in the offices of Public Works, Tourism and Defence and in between 1990 and 1993 he was vice-president of the government of Constantinos Mitsotakis. He is still in politics as an active MP, being also a member of the Political Council and the Electoral Planning Committee of New Democracy.

He is married to Maria Ragoussi and has two children.

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