Elections '96

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Brief History
PASOK was founded following the manifesto of its leader Andreas Papandreou on 3 September 1974. According to its founder Andreas Papandreou, PASOK is "a movement fighting over national independence and non-aligned policy of foreign affairs". While in 1974 the party received 13% of the votes, seven years later it succeeded to receive a 48% of the votes, proclaiming the socialisation of the means of production and condemning Greece's membership in the European Community and the NATO.

However during its eight year period of PASOK's governing, between 1981 and 1989, the party re-assessed its theses considering strategic alliances of the country and its economic policy.

Between 1989 and 1993 PASOK was an opposition party to regain the first place in the elections of 1993 when it received 47% of the votes and formed an one-party government with Andreas Papandreou as Prime Minister.

PASOK: Percentages in general elections 1974-1993

Current leader of the party, and Prime Minister also, Constantinos Simitis, was elected by the 4th Convention of PASOK, on the 30th of June 1996, succeeding Andreas Papandreou, leader of the party from its establishment to his death on the 23rd 1996.

PASOK Leaders

Organizational Structure
The supreme directional body of the party is its Congress, which elects its President, its Central Committee and maps out its political directives.

The Central Committee consists of 150 members and elects the Executive Office which consists of 19 members and is concerned with matters of organising of the party as well as with the current political developments. The Secretary of the Central Committee is Costas Scandalidis. There is also a Political Council that consists of 7 members.

PASOK's regional structure consists of the Prefectural Committees that reside at the seats of the electoral districts, and the Local Organisations where all the members are organised.

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