Elections '96

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Brief History
The Coalition of the Left and Progress (Synaspismos) was founded in February of 1989. The Communist Party of Greece and EAP played a leading role in the party's creation. In forming the new establishment of the Left, also participating were the "Democratic Defense" with Nikos Konstantopoulos, Haralampos Protopapas of KO.DH.SO., Theodoros Katrivanos of EDA and the independents Apostolos Lazaris and Manolis Dretakis.

Since 1993, President of the Coalition party is Nikos Konstantopoulos. The party's first president was Harilaos Florakis with Leonidas Kurkos as Secretary.

In June 1991, both men withdrew and between 1991-1993 Maria Damanaki served as President.

Organizational Structure
The supreme directing body of the Coalition party is its Congress held every three years. The Congress decides the party's policy, elects the Central Committee and appoints the President.

The Central Commitee constitutes the Coalition's supreme body, and determines the party's policy between two congresses. It is composed of 111 members who are directly elected by the Congress, 13 persons who represent Greece's regions and the President. The Central Commitee elects a 19-member Political Secretariat which handles the party's every-day tasks.

On a regional level, the Coalition features regional committees and local organizations. Also, there is a youth department, "The Youth of Synaspismos."

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