Parallel Events

The Exhibition "Treasures of the Holy Mountain" will be accompanied by a series of events which will help the public to comprehend the content of the Exhibition, the exhibits, its purpose and the contribution of the Holy Mountain to the culture and spiritual life of the Orthodox East.

These parallel events cover all the aspects of the multi-dimensional significance of the Holy Mountain, through all the periods of its life, through the one thousand years of its existence and, also, its contemporary role in the Christian world. For this purpose, all the intellectual potential of the country has been ecruited to contribute and all the submitted proposals have been co-ordinated and evaluated by the various cultural agencies and individuals.

The exact dates of the events which are scheduled to take place from September to December, 1997, will be announced at the inauguration of the Exhibition.

The programme of parallel events includes:

1."Holy Mountain - Cultural Presence and Radiance".
2."Art on the Holy Mountain in the Byzantine Era".
3."Holy Mountain - Organization, Worship, Spiritual Life".
4."Holy Mountain - Architecture, Nature and the Natural Environment".
5."The Byzantine Music Tradition of the Holy Mountain".
6."Holy Mountain - Palaeography".
7."Holy Mountain - Preservation".
8."Holy Mountain - History".


1."Maistores of the Art of Chanting".
2.The Byzantine Choir of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
3.Secular Byzantine Music.
4.The Patriarchal Choirs of Belgrade and Sophia.

1.Album: "Athonite Vigil".
2.A CD of Secular Byzantine Music.
3.A Volume: "The Byzantine Music Tradition on the Holy Mountain".
4.A set consisting of a commemorative envelope and seal with the date of the first day of circulation.
5.Official presentation of the Publications of the Holy Monasteries, subsidized by the Organization.
6.A Commemorative Medal.

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