The architecture

The Exhibit of Mount Athos Relics represents the architectural heritage mainly through documentation, such as designs, photographs and models, as well as through old items -in their original form- related to the architectural design and the process of its creation (notes, old layouts, reliefs, signs, tools, etc.).

The experts have taken special care to display the variety and high density of the architectural forms present in Mount Athos.

The original fortified buildings constitute the first outline for the creation of the subsequent complex housing facilities. The Holy Mountain's architecture fully met the monks' needs, provided excellent structuring solutions and significant aesthetic results.

The increasing needs multiplied the structures and the surfaces, resulting in a larger community where nothing is done hastily, nothing is foreign or disharmonious.

"The architectural heritage of Mount Athos a result of a thousand-year-old development of numerous monastic foundations can, to a degree, be viewed as the epitome of the medieval and newer architecture of the Orthodox Balkan region, often illuminating it with rare building materials which, for various reasons, can no longer be found in regions outside Mount Athos.

"This heritage comprises various categories of buildings, from churches and fortresses to production facilities and labour houses which are characterised by a great variety of architectural shapes and building technology," according to the Culture Ministry's expert curator, architect Plutarchos Theocharides.

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