The Monastery of Iveron (tel. +30 377 61248)

The Monastery of Iveron The monastery of Iveron is located on the north-east side of the peninsula. The monastery was founded in the last quarter of the tenth century by John Tornikipos, a courtier of David the ruler of Iberia (Georgia).

It occupies the third rank in the hierarchical order of the twenty Athonite monasteries. It is inhabited by 61 monks (1990) and is idiorrhythmic (self-regulating).

Its katholikon was first built in the first half of the eleventh century and was restored in 1513. The church's interior was decorated at times from the 16th century to the 19th with magnificent frescoes. Its wood-carved templon dates back to the 18th century.

The Monastery of Iveron The monastery's skevofylakion (treasury) contains gold-embroidered sacerdotal vestments, ecclesiastic plates, and Russian art works.

The library is one of the richest in Mount Athos, containing more than 2,000 codices and 15 liturgical scrolls, 100 manuscripts and 15,000 printed books. The library also contains several important imperial and patriarchal documents.

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