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[ Macedonia by Nicolas  Martis]

Document No 2

The 1992 Top Management Forum Competing in Global Markets

Henry Kissinger

An Analysis of the Global Geopolitical Environment

Management Centre Europe

18-19 June 1992, Paris

This is an abstract of the minutes kept during the annual meeting of Management Centre Europe held in Paris on June. During the questions time at the end of Henry Kissinger's presentation one of the questions was:

"What is your opinion for the problem which Greece have to accept the name Macedonia which the Scopia Government is trying to implement?"
Mr Kissiger asked the man who asked the question:
"Are you Greek ?"
Reply "Yes"
"Look, I believe that Greece is right to object and I agree with Athens. The reason is that I know History which is not the case with most of the others including most of the Government and Administration in Washington.

The strength of the Greek case is that of the History which I must say that Athens have not used so far with success."

Other questions followed.

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