In the Spring of 1997, Thessaloniki hosted the 24th International Session of the European Youth Parliament, with the participation of about 300 students from 25 European coutries. This event is a great honor for Greece and ecspecially for Thessaloniki which hosts a Session of the European Youth Parliament for the second time. For this reason, the Minicipality of Thessaloniki and the Organisation for the Cultural Capital of Europe "Thessaloniki 97" supported and helped us with the organisation of the Session. Moreover, the Session is a main event of the program of the Organisation for the Cultural Capital of Europe "Thessaloniki 97" and the second week of March of 1997 has been named "The Europe of Tomorrow".

Our Session has finished with graet sucess. Many personalities from the European political scene and from the city authorities honored us with their presence. Thessaloniki lived for 10 days in the pulse of Europe with the presence of youth from many different European countries. These pages will be updated in September when we will set up our new calender of activities. For anything you may need plaese contact Leon Saltiel.

History - Information for the European Youth Parliament

Programme of the Session

Topics for debate in the Session

Messages for the Session

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