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Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

6, M. Andronikou St., GR-546 21 Thessalonoki.
Phone 031 830538, 831037, Fax 031 861306.
Open: Summer:
Monday 12.30-19.00, Tuesday-Friday 8.00-19.00, Saturday & Sunday 8.30-15.00
Open: Winter:
Monday 10.30-17.00, Tuesday-Friday 8.00-17.00, Saturday & Sunday 8.30-15.00
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Designed by the architect Sokratis Karandinos, it was built in 1962 and extended in 1980 by the addition of a wing.

Its central section houses a collection of sculpture from the Archaic to the Late Roman period, architectural members of an lonian temple, a reconstruction of funerary architecture for instruction purposes and two special units on "Thessaloniki, from Prehistory to the Roman Times" and "Sindos, the Archaic cementary".

The important finds from the Royal Tombs of Vergina are on display in the new wing as well as the finds from the Derveni cementary, together with other 4th c. funerary evidence from the greater Thessaloniki area.

On the ground-floor, artefacts dated to the Archaic and Prehistoric periods are also on display.

The Museum intends to exhibit additional thematic units, as well as to enrich existing ones, in an effort to present fully and thoroughly the historical past of Thessaloniki and its surrounding area.

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