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Musical Museum of Macedonia

10, Al. Svolou St., GR-546 22.
Phone/Fax 031 226170.
Open: Please call and make appointment.
Map - to locate Museum (remember number!)

This was established in 1984 by composer Stelios Kopsachilis, who then donated his musical collection to the "Historical and Ethnographical Society of Halkidiki".

The Museum is temporarily housed in the premises of this Society, until it acquires appropriate accommodation in 1997.

It comprises musical material from Macedonia as well as from European countries.

The Macedonian Collection consists of traditional instruments, photographs of musicians, records of Byzantine and folk music, books and scenes of musical performance depicted on ancient Greek pottery.

In turn the European Collection, includes 18th c. instruments, stamps, post-cards, awards and coins relevant to the subject.

The Museum organizes occasional exhibitions in Thessaloniki and elsewhere.

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