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Prehistoric Antiquities Museum of Thessaloniki

former Kodra Barracks.
Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.
Phone 031 830538, 831037, Fax 031 861306.
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The Museum is scheduled to open in middle of 1997. It will be housed in the two buildings that used to accommodate the stables of the former Kodra Barracks, now extended by the addition of basement rooms.

The Museum is located in an archaeological site, most likely the ancient city of Thermi, itself pre-dating the foundation of Thessaloniki, as it was settled during the Bronze age, the Mycenaean era and the first centuries of the historical period.

The site is known from the excavations of French archaeologists, carried out during the course of World War I.

The Museum will house archaeological finds from prehistoric and archaic settlements of the greater Thessaloniki area.

The display aims at:

Depicting the mechanisms of culture change, from the flat, extended neolithic settlements to the restricted mounds of the Bronze Age and the rise of city-states in the beginning of the archaic period.

Displaying human activity in those times, from the point of view of ideology, technology, social organization and economy.

Highlighting the multiple uses of Archaeology, with regard to modern experience, knowledge and intellect.

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