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Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace

68, Vas. Olgas St., GR-546 42 Thessaloniki.
Phone 031 830591, 812343, Fax 031 844848.
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Instituted by the Macedonian Brotherhood for the Furtherance of Education, it was inaugurated in 1973 and has since been housed in a building typical of its time, the famous "Old Government House", designed by Eli Modiano in 1906.

The Museum collects, researches and studies the material culture of traditional Northern Greece (1800-1950), which is then displayed in permanent and occasional exhibitions.

The Museum collections amount to some 15.000 pieces, comprising woven and embroidered items, costumes, tools, guns, domestic utensils, furniture, carvings and woodwork, clay and metalwork, folk instruments, etc.

It is further equipped with a specialist library, a photoarchive, record and sound archives.

The building of the Museum is currently being remodelled and restored. At the same time, a new exhibition is being organized on nutrition, costumes, architecture and energy sources in traditional societies.

This event is planned to open as a permanent display in 1997.

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