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Museum of the Cource of Jewish History in Thessaloniki

26(24), Vas. Herakleiou St., GR-546 24 Thessaloniki.
Phone 031 275701, 272840, 270256, Fax 031 229063.

With the support of the Organization for the Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki 1997.
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It will be established at Vas. Herakleiou St. in the Modiano market area, the centre of the Jewish Community from the time the first Spanish Jews settled in Thessaloniki in 1492 until World War II.

Until the conflagration of 1917, the area included the Jewish quarters, the historical synagogues and the most distinguished schools of the Community.

The Museum will include, on a permanent basis, copies of the exhibits of the permanent exhibition "Thessaloniki - The Metropolis of Sepharadism", which is housed in the Beth Lohameď Hagettoth kibbutz in Israel and incorporates details of the history of the Jews and their areas of activity in Thessaloniki up to the time of the holocaust, as well as the "Holocaust Exhibition", which is in the Auschwitz Foundation in Brussels.

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