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Cultural Foundation of the Greeks of the Diaspora

2, Komotinis St., 546 55 Thessaloniki.
Phone/Fax 031 234161.

With the support of the Organization for the Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki 1997.
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This will be established in 1997 on premises at the junction of 2, Komotinis and Kydonion St. The premises, donated by Th. Makrides to the Municipality of Thessaloniki, will be a stage for promoting the multifarious and diverse aspects of the work of the Greek Diaspora, from an artistic, social, national and economic point of view.

The following are areas of interest of the new Museum:

A. Promoting the intellectual achievement of the Greeks of the Diaspora, through symposia, lectures, concrets, permanent and occasional exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, books, journals, etc.

B. Planning specialized projects to analyse and deal with problems of communities of Greek descent.

C. Planning educational projects, for continuous research and study in these areas.

D. Establishing a permanent communication bereau with the Greeks of the Diaspora.

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