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The Tellogleion Foundation, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Aristotle University, 546 06 Thessaloniki.
Phone 031 280009.
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This was established in 1972 by Nestor and Aliki Telloglou, who donated their entire fortune, including a substantial art collection, to this end.

The Tellogleion Foundation will soon be accommodated in a specially designed Art Gallery and Museum, in the northern sector of the University Campus. The contribution made by the Organization for the Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki 1997, was decisive for the realisation of the project.

The Foundation will house the collection donated by the couple, will provide occasional exhibition halls, an auditorium, library and reading-room, ect.

The Foundation is interested in:

A. Introducing Greek art, through an organized, disciplinary framework.

B. Collecting, recording and studying our cultural heritage.

C. Artists and art-students exchange schemes.

D. Bringing children into touch with art.

It should be noted that the Foundation will allow for research activities as well as other which are to do with any kind of avantgarde movements in art on a world-wide scale.

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