Museums of Thessaloniki:21.

"Techni", Macedonian Society of Art

Offices YMCA Building, YMCA Square, GR-546 21 Thessaloniki.
Phone/Fax 031 222130.
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Artistic expression is only a part of the Society´s multifarious concerns in the cultural life of Thessaloniki.

Today "Techni" comprises:

A. A collection of paintings, including 70 important pieces by contemporary Greek painters.
B. A collection of engravings, some 300 works, offering a full picture of Greek engraving in the 20th c.

The collection of paintings is not on show in 1996, since "Techi" lacks appropriate premises.

The Society, however, continues its artistic activities through exhibitions in Thessaloniki and the rest of Northern Greece.

A touring collection of etchings and engravings, an admittedly successful enterprise, assembles the work of four generations, from 1879 to 1967, to be exhibited of three successive occasions.

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