Museums of Thessaloniki:22.

Museum of Ancient Greek, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Instruments

12-14, Katouni St., GR-546 25 Thessaloniki.
Phone 031 238391.
Map - to locate Museum (remember number!)

The Museum has put more than 200 musical instruments on display, providing a history of music over 4.000 years in Greece.

Needless to say, these are not the original, archaeological finds; apart from the metal ones, the ancient instruments were mostly made of wood, a material that does not survive the ravages of time.

The exhibits are of recent manufacture, on the basis of iconographic and philological testimony (such as pottery, sculpture, figurines, Byzantine codex illumination), using the same materials mentioned in the sources.

The instruments are one display along with an artistic note on, further enhanced by the opportunity actually to listen to their sounds.

Apart from the exhibition hall, the Museum is equipped with a library, an electronic archive that comprises scores and a musicology research unit.

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