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Water Works Museum of Thessaloniki

49, 26th Octovriou St., GR-546 27 Thessaloniki.
Phone/Fax 031 514029.
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The Museum of Water Supply in Thessaloniki is a listed Waterpumping Station in full operation, yet another cultural resource for the protection and promotion of the technical heritage of the city to be fully effective in 1997, following the planning of the Organization for the Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki 1997.

The Museum is also conceived as a research, documentation and data centre regarding the past, the present and the future of water supply in Thessaloniki and the promotion of the ideal of saving water as a natural resource.

It will be set up in the Central Pumping Station of the Thessaloniki Waterworks Authority, in the vicinity of the old municipal abbatoir.

The construction of the Central Pumping Station was undertaken by Belgian engineers in 1890-1892, as part of the new, modern water supply works of the city.

This installation was in operation, with expansions and modifications, up to 1978. In 1984 it was decided that it be brought back into use as a museum and the following year it was registered as a listed monument.

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