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Historical and Art Museum of Thessaloniki, White Tower

Nikis Avenue, GR-546 21 Thessanoniki.
Phone 031 267832.
Open summer:
Monday 12.30-19.00, Tuesday-Friday 8.00-19.00, Saturday & Sunday 8.30-15.00.
Open winter:
Monday 10.30-17.00, Tuesday-Friday 8.00-17.00, Saturday & Sunday 8.30-15.00.
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The exhibition "Thessanoniki, History and Art" is currently being staged in the White Tower, a defence work of the 16th c. it primary employs archaeological material, and also visual aids, to set off the history and the art of the city from the Early Christian to the Byzantine period (300-1430 A.D.)

The first three floors of the Tower house frescoes, icons, sculpture, clay and glass vases as well as examples of miniature craftmanship, provided by the Department of Byzantine Antiquities.

On the 4th and 5th floors, there are portable, Byzantine icons, vases and miniatures donated by D. Oikonomopoulos.

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