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Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

23, Prox. Koromila St., GR-546 22 Thessanoniki.
Phone 031 229778, Fax 031 233108.
Open: Tuesday-Friday 9.00-14.00, Wednesday 18.00-20.00,
Saturday & Sunday 11.00-14.30
Map - to locate Museum (remember number!)

The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle was founded in 1981. The Neo-Classical building that houses it, designed by E. Ziller and donated by a great benefactor of the Greek nation, A. Syngros, was completed in 1893.

During the period 1894-1912, it served as premises for the Greek Consulate in Thessaloniki (then still under Turkish rule), which organized and directed the armed Macedonian struggle (1903-1908).

The Museum exhibits include books, maps, newspapers and plates on the topography of Macedonia, photographic material of the time, heirlooms, guns, personal effects and Macedonian fighters´ costumes.

The Museum is further equipped with an electronic information system as well as specially arranged halls for audiovisual programmes and dioramas, a depiction of life and the battles during the Macedonian struggle.

The educational character of the Museum is completed by pre-arranged guided tours and games for the public. There is also a lending department for photographic material and videotapes.

The Research Centre of the Macedonian Struggle, a branch of the Museum, engages in research and publishing activities, in addition to maintaining a wealth of archive material for the period 1870-1912.

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