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Thessaloniki History Centre
Municipality of Thessaloniki, Libraries Division,Thessaloniki History Centre,
Billi Building, Hippodromiou Square, GR-546 22 Thessaloniki.
Phone 031 264668, Fax 031 274710.
Open summer: Monday-Friday 9.00-14.00 & 18.00-21.00
Open winter: Monday-Friday 9.00-14.00 & 17.00-20.00
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The Centre was founded by the municipality of Thessaloniki in order to compile, preserve, record and conserve evidence, be it printed, written or audiovisual, appertaining to the history of Thessaloniki.
Among the priorities of the Centre are the filing of Municipal Records and the acquisition of private archive collections, which constitute the basis of its communications.

The T.H.C. publishes annually the academic journal "Thessaloniki", comprising original research papers, is involved with the publication of books as well as the organization of symposia and meetings on the history of the city.

The T.H.C. is further equipped with a specialist history library and photography section.
At the same time, the Centre communicates its research activities through occasional exhibitions, laying emphasis on the historical continuity of the city and the area of Macedonia in general.

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