Museums of Thessaloniki:6.

National Bank of Greece the Cultural Centre of Northern Greece

108, Vas. Olgas St., GR-546 43 Thessaloniki.
Phone 031 834404, 295149, Fax 031 820240.
Open: Wednesday-Sunday 10.00-14.00 & 18.00-21.00
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This was set up in 1989 in the Amhet Kapantzi Villa, a restored building of historical interest. Built in 1898, it was the residence of Eleftherios Venizelos during 1916-7, while it later housed Secondary Schools.

The Centre plays host to a collection of modern Greek art belonging to the Educational Foundation of the Bank.

It is concurrently organizing an exhibition series on the history of Thessaloniki, Mt. Athos and Northern Greece in general, accompanied by the delivery of lectures, relevant publications as well as an experimental project on topography aimed at schoolchildren.

The Centre often organizes exhibitions centring on themes from the Fine Arts, the Applied Arts and Architecture.

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