Museums of Thessaloniki:8.

Art Gallery of the Society of Macedonian Studies

1, Nikolaou Yermanou St., GR-546 21 Thessaloniki.
Phone 031 238601, Fax 031 271501.
Open: Sunday-Friday 9.00-14.00.
Map - to locate Museum (remember number!)

This was set up in 1975 on the upper floor of the building occupied by the National Theatre of Northern Greece, designed by Vassilis Kassandras.

Its collection amounts to more than 300 pieces of painting, sculpture and etching, the majority produced by Thessalonian artists, along with works by major artists from Greece and abroad.

The latter are chosen according to their degree of relevance to the city, depicting monuments and the local landscape.

The Art Gallery provides an entirely satisfying picture of the trends in Fine Arts in Northern Greece as well as of developments in modern Greek art from 1850 up to today.

The Art Gallery is further promoting contemporary Greek artists, through the organization of individual or group, occasional exhibitions.

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