Greece-Miscallaneous News and Information


The Greek Army is undergoing major restructuring with the aim of creating smaller, more flexible autonomous units. Currently existing divisions will be reorganozed into regiments. A new unit-71st airborne brigade-is being set up as part of NATO's rapid reaction force.

The Army is planing the adaptation of a new caliber for infantry weapons. Greece is currently using 7,62x51 caliber weapons. The new weapons will be of the 5,56 caliber which is the NATO standard.

Air Force

The Air Force is interested in the purchase of a small number of Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft. Possible candidates are the E2C and an AEW edition of the C-130J (both are US products), as wel as the Israeli Phalcon and Swedish Eriye systems.

Another major project under consideration is a major fighter aircraft purchase. Possible candidates are the F-18 Hornet (US), the Rafale (France) and the Grippen (Sweden).


The Navy's fourth Hydra class (MEKO 200HN) frigate was launched last March at Skaramanga Shipyards in Greece.

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