This work, which was first published in 1988, in Greek, by the Greek Committee for Southeast European Studies, had two aims; firstly to promulgate a broader awareness of the Macedonian Question and secondly to help confront the intensifying propaganda of Skopje, using scientifically based facts. At the conclusion of the work it was then noted that "there was an urgent need to examine all matters relating to the Macedonian Question minutely and in detail, using objective scientific criteria, in order to restore the historical truth."

Since then, radical developments have made a second edition, updated and supplemented with current facts, essential. This second edition is published alongside English, French and German translations by the Ionian University.

I would like to thank the following for their contributions to this publication: Professor Elly Yiotopoulou-Sicilianou and Professor Linos Benaki, President and Vice President of the Ionian University, Mr. Elias Kizirakos, Hans Schlumm and A.-G. Alexakis, members of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University, who translated this work into English, German and French respectively. I would also like to thank Mrs. Margaret Swanberg for her assistance and Mr. Ioannis Diamantopoulos, who drew the maps.

Athens, June 1992

Maria Nystazopoulou-Pelekidou
Professore at the University of Jannina
Member of the Administrative Committee
of the Ionian University


Cover Page - Preface - Introduction - I. The question and the position of Skopje -
II. Sources and findings of research: 1. Antiquity - 2. Middle Ages - 3. Turkish Domination
Notes: 1-5 - 6-32 - 33-38 - 39-58 - 59-73 - 74-95 --- Maps: 1 - 2 - 3