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The Hellenic Literature Society is a New Jersey based nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the reading of books of Greek literature and culture and disseminating Greek literary information.

Some of the activities of the Hellenic Literature Society are: organizing Greek literary and cultural events; endowing public and parochial libraries with Greek subject matter books, as well as, books by Greek authors; financing scholarships and fellowships in Greek studies; assisting authors publish their manuscripts; and, awards prizes for excellence in Greek literature. In addition, the Society publishes “Greece In Print”, a bimonthly newsletter of Greek literary and cultural activities; provides a forum on the Internet where members from around the world discuss Greek literary subjects; and offers the opportunity to its members to acquire Greek subject matter books at 20% to 30% off the publishers's list price..


Membership in the Hellenic Literature Society is free of charge. Members receive through e-mail or fax, "Greece In Print", a bimonthly newsletter of Greek literature and culture, as well as, hard copies of brochures and catalogues of Greek literature. In addition, they have the option to participate in our Discussion Forum of Greek literature and Culture in the Internet.

To become a member of the Hellenic Literature Society , please write, fax, or e-mail to GreekBooks@worldnet.att.net the message "Subscribe HLS membership", together with your full name, home address, e-mail address and telephone number.

To subscribe to our Discussion Forum of Greek literature and Culture, please write, fax, or e-mail to GreekBooks@worldnet.att.net the message "Subscribe HLS-D Discussion".

To unsubscribe yourself please write, fax, or e-mail to to GreekBooks@worldnet.att.net and indicate "Unsubscribe HLS Membership" or "Unsubscribe HLS-D Discussion" or "Unsubscribe Both".


The Hellenic Literature Society, currently, has 506 members from 25 countries around the world.

Australia 18. . . . . . . . . Italy 3
Brazil 1 Japan 2
Canada 26 Netherlands 2
Cyprus 1 New Zealand 2
Denmark 2 Norway 1
Finland 1 Singapore 1
France 9 Slovenija 1
Germany 4 Sweden 1
Greece 26 Switzerland 4
Hong Kong 1 Turkey 2
Hungary 3 United Kingdom 38
Ireland 2 United States 356
Israel 4


His Excellency Loukas Tsilas, Ambassador to Greece
Honorable Charalambos Rocanas, Consul General of Greece
Honorable Michael S. Dukakis, Professor, Northeastern University
Honorable John Brademas, President Emeritus, New York University
Honorable Eugene T. Rossides, President American Hellenic Institute
Ms. Sandra Feldman, President United Federation of Teachers


Dr. Nadia Assimopoulos
Commissioner for the preservation of the French language in the government of the Province of Quebec, Canada.
Dr. Antonios Bredimas
University of Paris
Ioannis Fakazis
CEO, Cosmos Publishing Co., Inc.
Dr. Konstantinos Grammenos
University of London
Christos Terzopoulos
CEO, E.C. Terzopoulos Publishing Enterprises

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