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A well-designed, leather-bound and voluminous scientific publication has recently been put out by the IONIA Publications. The volume contains important and original philosophical studies and has been published in honor of Professor of Philosophy at the University of Athens Konstantine Boudouris.

The texts in the volume are only in Greek and refer to a wide range of philosophical issues. The distinguished authors of the scientific studies (well-known university Professors and young scholars in philosophy) discuss problems of Ancient Greek, Byzantine, Modern Greek and European Philosophy, of Ethics, Ecological Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics etc., and corroborate their views with strong arguments, sharp remarks and clarifying analyses.

All forty-five research studies of the volume represent a true philosophical agonisma, which undoubtedly goes beyond the usual practice of publishing honorary volumes, since this publication contains exclusively philosophical texts that investigate important philosophical problems.

In a highly notable way, this work honors a contemporary and creative philosopher of engaged philosophy, whose studies-investigations represent a significant legacy and a useful research and educational material for philosophy and philosophers in our country.

This extremely important publication is a necessary acquisition for every researcher, philosopher, person of spirit and library.

The texts in the volume are the following:

1. Preface
2. Konstantinos G. Athanassopoulos - Ecology, Ethics and its independent value
3. Theone Anastassopoulou-Kapogianni - The Principle of historical Epistemology according to Georges Canguilhem
4. Kostas Androulidakis - The Presence of Ancient Greek Philosophy in Kant's Work
5. Vassiliki Apostolopoulou - Politics and Media: A Realationship of Interdependence or Domination?
6. Roxanne Argyropoulou - The Reception of Nietzsche's Ideas in Greece
7. Maria Veneti - The Problem of political Values in the Age of Globalization
8. Kostas Georgiades - The κατά συμβεβηκός εν in Δ6 of Aristotle's Metaphysics
9. Virginia Gkiouli - Language and Ethics in the Work of Iris Murdoch
10. Athanasia Glykofridi-Leontsini - The Image of Cebes and his presence in the West and in our East
11. Ioannis Dellis - The Influences of Democritus' Theory of Knowledge on Locke's Essay. The case of the Scheme: primary-secondary Qualities
12. Ioannis Kalogerakos - The Notion of Justice in Anaximander's Fragment
13. George Karagiannis - Parmenides' fundamental proposition "το γαρ αυτό νοείν έστι τε και είναι" and its Relationship with the Cartesian "cogito, ergo sum"
14. Eleni Karabatzaki - Ecological legal Regulations in Plato's Laws
15. Kyriakos Katsimanis - Philosopher in the Age of Globalization
16. Vassiliki Kouveli - Money and "χρεία": from Aristotle to Adam Smith to Karl marx
17. Eleni-Lizi Lassithiotaki - Truth in Nietzsche's Ethics
18. Stathis Leivadas - Phenomenology of Consciousness from the Prespective of Epistemology
19. Michalis K. Makrakis - Views on the Relationship between Theory and Practice in Goethe's Faust as an Illustration of corresponding Notions in modern Philosophy
20. Andres Manos - Platonic Eros as an elevating power
21. Ioannis N. Markopoulos - The ethical Dimension of Pre-Socratic natural Philosophy and Bioethics
22. Antonios Markos - Fundamental Principles of Education according to Empedocles
23. Eleni Merkenidou - Platonic Founder of Cities
24. Athina Mirasgezi - Nietzsche's Madman
25. Kostas Beis - Legality and Justice in the Trial of Socrates
26. Vassiliki Birou - Plato's unwritten Doctrines about One in relation to the Ontology of his later Dialogues
27. Konstantina Palamiotou-Thomaidou - The "management of ethical judgments" in the Form of Public Opinion Forming Companies
28. Dimitris Papadis - Are there Human Rights in Ancient Greek Democracies?
29. Maro K. Papathanasiou - Neo-Platonic Influences in Stephanos Alexandrine's "Περί χρυσοποιΐας"
30. Ioanna Patsioti - The Relation between Body and Soul in the Aristotelian poetic and passionate Mind
31. Konstantinos Th. Petsios - Remarks on Athanasios Psalidas's (1767-1829) published Work
32. Nikolaos G. Politis - The "false" Choice
33. Christophoros Polykarpou - Eudoxus' Value as a Historian of Philosophy
34. Giannis A. Pottakis - Culture and Development
35. Konstantinos Proimos - Secret and Responsibility. Jacques Derrida as a Reader of Soeren Kierkegaard
36. Apostolos N. Stavelas - A Study of common object terms in medieval Western European Tradition
37. Fotios Schoinas - The apodictic syllogism according to Saint Gregory of Palamas
38. Theodosios P. Tassios - Thoughts on the Problem of Death
39. Christos Ath. Terezis - Proclus' epistemological Prolegomena in his Theory of Time
40. Giannis Tzavaras - The Nietzschean rejection of Ethics
41. Dimitris Tzortzopoulos - Time as a philosophical Problem in Heraclitus and in Hegel
42. Ioannis K. Tsentos - The three Powers of the Soul according to Maxim the Confessor. An Example of a fruitful synthesis of Greek and Christian Philosophy
43. George I. Tsiantis - Education and Democracy: from Kastoriades to Plato and from Plato to us
44. Evangelie Marangianou - The Personality and the Work of Professor Konstantine Boudouris
45. Sophia Boudouri - Bibliography of Works of Professor Konstantine Boudouris
46. Index of Names


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