The volume contains papers that were read at the Third International Conferenbce on Greek Philosophy at Pythagorion, Samos, in August, 1991, on the topic of Pythagorean Philosophy. The topics discuss a wide range of issues, including, the structure and development of the Pythagorean community, the Pythagorean bios or way of life, Orphism and its realtion to Pythagoreanism, Pythagoreanism and purification, Pythagorean philosophy and astronomy, mathematics, and psychology, Pythagoreanism and its relation to Eleatic, Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophy, as well as the philosophy of Philolaus.


W. Emmanuel Abraham,
Did the Pythagoreans use recursive definitions and functions?
Spyrodimos Anemoyannis-Sinanidis,
Some remarks on the term peperasmenon.
John P. Anton,
The Pythagorean way of life: morality and religion
John Bigelow,
The a priori which is fallible
Konstantine Boudouris,
The Pythagorean community: creation, development and downfall
E. Bourodimos,
The mathematics of music as number and harmony of reality and being
Bruno Centrone,
The theory of principles in the pseudopythagorica
Alexander Dobrochotov,
The thesis soma-sema and its philosophical implications
Kyoko Kusayama,
Pythagoreanism in Plato's cosmology
Peter Lautner,
Pythagorean and Aristotelian elements in the theories of perception in the later Athenian commentators
Maria Papathanassiou,
The influence of Pythagorean philosophy on the development of mathematical astronomy
Apostolos Pierris,
Origin and nature of early Pythagorean cosmogony
Richard Purtill,
Pythagorean persons
Thomas M. Robinson,
The Pythagorean way of life
Thomas M. Robinson,
Pythagoreans and Plato
Samuel Scolnicov,
Pythagoras and Plato's Parmenides
Teruo Suzuki,
Philolaus: epistemologist or ontologist?
Harold Tarrant,
Moderatus and the Neopythagorean Parmenides
Hideya Yamakawa,
Zeno is pythagorizing
Leonid Zhmud,
Mathematici and acusmatici in the Pythagorean school