VOL. II, ATHENS 1992, pp.128.

The articles included in this second volume on the Philosophy of Socrates represent a selection of the texts of the Papers that were submitted and presented either in whole or in part at the Second International Conference on Greek Philosophy.

The texts are arranged in alphabetical order according to author and all of them focus on the main topic of the Conference; that is, they refer to problems or examine particular aspects of the Philosophy of Socrates. In fact, the articles in this second volume deal for the most part with the main problems of Socratic Philosophy, namely Socratic elenchus, Socrates' concept of truth, the philosophical relation between Socrates and the Presocratics, Plato, Aristophanes and Aristotle, and Socrats' concept of the good and of happiness. Naturally, similar topics were dealt with in the first volume on the Philosophy of Socrates which was published in 1991.

However, the articles in the present volume, over and above the authors' sound knowledge of Socratic scholarship, are notable for the fact that they examine Socratic philosophy as a whole in what might be seen as a more philosophical way. The study of certain of these articles reveals that what is called the "Philosophy of Socrates" approached through modern philosophical techniques and methodology, continues to have significance in the present day, even more so when it refers to matters concerning dialectical, moral and political thought.

The articles in this volume should be studied in conjunction with the articles published in the first volume so as to arrive at as complete a picture as possible of the work of the multifaceted personality known as Socrates. However, the texts published here can also be seen as independent philosophical essays and scholarly studies that add their own significant contribution to the topic in question.


George Anagnostopoulos,
Socrates and Aristotle on the definability of moral entities.
John P. Anton,
Anaxagoras and Socrates.
Robert Bolton,
Aristotles solution to the problem of Socratic elenchus.
Donald Davidson,
The Socratic concept of truth.
Bernard Freydberg,
Another view of the Aristophanic image of Socrates in Plato's Apology.
David Fortunoff,
Philosophy as art and act: Nietzsche's double Socrates.
David Furley,
From Anaxagoras to Socrates.
Edward Halper,
The Socrates of Plat's early dialogues.
Teruo Mishima,
Where does Socrates' fault lie?
Thomas M. Robinson,
Socrates and others as epigonoi of Protagoras.
Gerasimos Santas,
Socratic good and Socratic happiness.
Theodore Scaltsas,
Socratic justice.