The articles published in the present volume represent a selection of the Academic papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on Greek Philosophy, which dealt with topics relating to Philosophy and Orthodoxy. The articles in question raise many problems and, though disagreeing on certain questions, once again bring to the forefront of modern philosophical thought views and ideas which, if not apparently in favour of our technologically-minded age, are nevertheless closely related to man's existence, something which is also of vital concern to Orthodoxy.

Apart from the triumph of the true doctrine of faith, without doubt the shaping and prevalence of Orthodoxy also meant the victory and dominance of the Greek spirit over other evil, dangerous, demonic and heretical spirits which threatened the integrity and splendour of human life, as this had been conceived and embraced by Orthodoxy.

In this light, we are today able to correctly evaluate and stress the importance of the approximately one thousand years of spiritual creation and philosophy during the Byzantine period on the part of the Greeks - and those who followed the way of the Greeks - who shaped the first truly ecumenical and spiritual Christian Orthodox culture: the culture, that is, of freedom, brotherhood, true humanity, justice and love. For this reason, the academic articles in the present volume, dealing with matters closely relating to Greek Philosophy and Orthodoxy and examining aspects of problems relating to this creative relationship, constitute, add to our awareness and undoubtedly promote our cultural responsibility and consciousness.


John Anton,
The origins of Photius' religious aesthetics.
Constantine Athanassopoulos,
Anti-thomism in Byzantine philosophy.
Konstanine Boudouris,
On image and likeness.
Peter Bouteneff,
Physis: A test case in the Christian adaptation of Greek philosophical terminology.
Kleitos Ioannides,
The mystic theology of Gregory of Nyssa.
Demetrius Koutras,
The metaphysics of light in Gregory Palamas.
Maria Papathanassiou,
The harmony and order of the world and the beauty of its creator.
Vladan Perishich,
Can we speak about the patristic theory of ideas?
Hellenism, Orthodoxy and the modern world.
Richard Purtill,
Philosophy and the Eastern Church Fathers.
Jeremiah Reedy,
Orthodoxy, Hellenization and dehellenization.
Thomas M. Robinson,
Plato's cosmo-theology and some early Greek Fathers.
Norman Russell,
The concept of deification in the early Greek Fathers.
Bogulsub Sijakovic,
The paradox of the mystical knowledge of God.
T.D. Sullivan,
The immutability and ineffability of divine knowledge.
Slobodan Zunjic,
The definition of philosophy in the Dialectica of John Damascene.