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SAMOS - FOURNI, 23 - 28 AUGUST 1998

We are pleased to announce that the preparations for the:
on the topic of :


are well under way and we anticipate an academically sound, lively and amicable Conference.

This Circular is to inform you of matters relating to the Conference (commencement, venue, session in Fourni, etc).

1. The Conference will start at 18.00 on Sunday 23rd of August 1998 in the Conference Hall of the Doryssa Bay Hotel in Pythagorion, in the island of Samos (tel. of the Doryssa Bay Hotel 0273-61360, 61352, 61062).

2. It is expected that the Conference will continue until (and including) 28th of August 1998.

Those attending the Conference in Pythagorion for the first time are informed that the sessions are from 8.30-13.30 and 17.00-20.00.

During the afternoon break, delegates are able to enjoy the sea and sandy beach in front of the Doryssa Bay Hotel less than a hundred yards from the Conference Room.

3. Towards the end of the Conference, and probably on Friday 28th of August 1998, there will be a full-day excursion and session on the islands of Fourni. These idyllic islands are a short boat ride from Samos. The pristine nature of these small fishing islands has been well preserved and should provide a proper setting for the days session and for further reflection on the Conferences themes.

In Fourni, there will be sessions in the morning and in the afternoon. The departure from Pythagorion will be by a special boat line, early in the morning (between 7:30-8:00), and the return will be some time in the evening (the exact time of the return will be announced in the Programme of the Conference).

The transport costs of the excursion will be covered by the Conference.

Furthermore, the Organizing Committee is seeking to make arrangements for hospitality for all Conference participants on the islands of Fourni. For that reason it is necessary to provide a fairly accurate estimate of participants to our hosts. Anyway, according to the rules, there can not be more than 120 persons on board of the Flying Dolphin. Therefore, participants who wish to attend the excursion and one day session in Fourni, must fill out the Participation Form No.10 and send it to the Secretariat of the Conference.

4. With regard to the other events during the Conference, delegates will be informed on arrival in Samos, and they will receive the full Conference programme (which is almost a printed book of approximately 100 pages) during registration, on the first day of the Conference.

5. Concerning the events at the Conference, delegates are kindly requested to attend all the Conference proceedings and contribute through their presence to the creation of a true academic dialogue and the kind of warm atmosphere and friendly communication that are part of the aims of the Conferences organised by the International Association for Greek Philosophy (IAGP) and the International Center for Greek Philosophy and Culture. This is a small sacrifice for the good of the Conference which may thus become the start of a course to a more fulfilling life.

6. Participants can reach the island of Samos either by ship or by plane.

The ships to Samos depart from Piraeus and the preferred destination for Conference participants is the port of Vathi (town of Samos). From the town of Samos to Pythagorion there is a distance of approximately 17km. There are local buses from one place to another. However, if one arrives later at night, it will be necessary to take a taxi.

Since the airport at Samos is in the Pythagorion area, the participants coming by plane will arrive directly to Pythagorion, and the airport is less than five minutes drive away from the Doryssa Bay Hotel.

The Organizing Committee wishes to stress to all participants traveling to Samos by plane, the importance of making airline reservations to and from the island in advance. To avoid difficulties, flights from Samos to Athens at this high peak tourist period should be booked in advance. Travel arrangements to and from the island of Samos are the responsibility of individual participants.

7. The Organizing Committee would like to use this opportuinity to draw the attention of all the participants to the fact that, due to the obligations and responsibilities already undertaken by the Committee, any cancellation of participation that comes after June 1998 creates tremendous organizational and financial problems to the Conference. The Committee would, therefore, like to kindly appeal to participants to bear that fact in mind and, if any changes be in order, to notify the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, most preferably not later than June 1st 1998.

8. As usual, a one-day Tour of Samos could be arranged on 29th August 1998, for participants who plan to stay after the end of the Conference. However, it is necessary to apply in advance (using PARTICIPATION FORM No.12), because the holding of the Tour depends on whether enough people declare participation. Therefore, applications should be sent to the Organizing Committee no later than 30th of May 1998, and the applicants will be informed by the end of June 1998 whether or not the Tour will take place.

9. Enclosed together with this Circular are FORMS No. 9 (Residence Form), No. 10 (Travel Form), No. 11 (Excursion and Session in Fourni Form) and No. 12 (Tour of Samos Form).

10. Once again in anticipation of an enjoyable Conference in a civilised, intellectual, pleasant and most of all ecologically unspoiled environment, we look forward to seeing you in SAMOS, in the very heart of the Aegean world.

With best wishes

Konstantine Boudouris
Professor of Philosophy
Univesity of Athens
President of the Organising Committee


Participation Forms