G.N.T.O. Traditional Settlements




The village of Makrinitsa, which lies about 15 kilometres north of Volos and has a population of 550 persons, is one of the best known in the Pilion area. Its many old mansions and other picturesque houses are perched step - like on the steep slopes, giving the village a character all its own, and it commands an impressive view of Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf. With its many historical churches and monasteries, natural springs, intersting squares and cobbled streets it is an area of considerable interest to tourists.

G.N.T.O. : Accommodation 3 mansion houses with a total of 22 rooms and 43 beds.
Reservations: tel.: (0421) 99.250, 99.556.
Useful Telephone Numbers:
Community of Makrinitsa tel. : (0421) 99.140.
BUS SERVICE : (KTEL) Athens agency tel. : (01) 83.17.186.
Volos agency tel. : (0421) 33.253.
Train Service (Volos Agency) tel. : (0421) 24.056.


Situated 26 miles to the north of Volos, Milies with its 800 inhabitants is one of the most impressive of Pilion's small towns. The houses clinging to the green hillside command a splendid view over the Pagasitikos Gulf. The village is a summer resort frequented by many well-known artists. The railway station in the village is at the end of the line from Pilion and is sitiuated in an attractive area of natural beauty and following the railway track makes a very pleasant walk. Places which the visitor to the area should see include the Church of the Taxiarchis in the town's central square, the library which contains some rare manuscripts from the celebrated Milies School, and the collections housed in the Museum of Folklore.

G.N.T.O. Accomodation: In one of the town's few surviving mansion-houses, with 15 rooms and 36 beds.
Reservations: tel.: (0423) 86.714,86.373.
Useful Telephone Numbers:
Community of Milies tel. : (0423) 86.204.
BUS SERVICE : (KTEL) Athens agency tel. : (01) 83.17.186.
Volos agency tel. : (0421) 33.253.
Train Service (Volos Agency) tel. : (0421) 24.056.



The village of Vathia, which is situated 35 kilometres south of Areopolis, is a typical Maniot settlement built as an acropolis on top of a hill, in a 1.500m. distance from the seashore. Its stonebuilt houses, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, are grouped in dense clusters with a church, a square, fortified dwellings and a military tower. Vathia is 28 kilometres from the famous caves at Diros, and 11 kilometres from the small port of Gerolimenas. There is a restaurant and a small local museum in the village.

G.N.T.O. Accommodation: Guest-houses with a total of 15 rooms and 32 beds.
Reservations: tel.: (0733) 55.244.
Useful Telephone Numbers:
Community of Areopolis tel. : (0733) 51.229.
BUS SERVICE : (KTEL) Athens agency tel. : (01) 51.24.913.


Perched high up on a rock overlooking the sea, in a Venetian fort 280 kilometres from Athens, is a building known as the "KELLIA" (Cells) beside the Church of the Panagia Chrisafitissa, with a ground floor, an upper storey and a large courtyard. It has been converted for use as a guest-house, with 12 rooms and 40 beds.

G.N.T.O. Reservations: tel.: (0732) 61.520.
Useful Telephone Numbers:
Community of Monemvasia tel. : (0732) 61.222.
BUS SERVICE : (KTEL) Athens agency tel. : (01) 51.24.913.
FLYING DOLFINS (Athens Agency) tel : (01) 42.80.001.


"Kazakos" Traditional Settlement which has been renovated by G.N.T.O. is situated near Agia Kiriaki Square and at a distance of 66 km from Tripoli, with 5 rooms and 15 beds.

G.N.T.O. Reservations: (0795) 31.660.
Useful Telephone Numbers:
Community of Dimitsana tel.: ( 0795) 31.518, 31.519.
BUS SERVICE :(KTEL) Athens agency tel. : (01) 51.34.575.


Situated on the outskirts of Areopolis at a distance of 330 kilometres from Athens, this typical Maniot tower dating from 1865, which consists of a ground floor and two upper storeys, a loggia and a countryard with a water-tank, and looks westwards out over the sea, has been converted into a guest-house with 6 rooms and 17 beds.

G.N.T.O. Reservation: tel.: (0733) 51.233.
Useful Telephone Numbers:
Community of Areopolis tel. : (0733) 51.229.
BUS SERVICE :(KTEL) Athens agency tel.:(01) 51.24.913.



The historic island of 500 inhabitants, which is situated 18 nautical miles west of Chios , has low houses (most of them new) with very few mansion houses belonging to ship-owning families, and those there were in ruins. Two 17th century buildings have been renovated and are now put to other use. The old parliament building in Agios Nikolaos has been turned into a guest-house with a capacity of 18 beds (extension work is being carried out to increase this to 45); and the "spitalia" building, which was once a type of hospital unit used as a naval quarantine station, has been converted into a restaurant seating 70 people. In addition the site where the old mansion house once stood belonging to the great Admiral Apostolis, ship - owner and freedom - fighter in Greece's struggle for independence has been made into a "memorial" Square.

G.N.T.O. Reservations: tel.: (0272) 61.293, 61.181, (0251) 27908.
Useful Telephone Numbers:
Community of Psara tel. :(0274) 61.266.
Psara Port Authorities tel : (0274) 61.252.

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