About  InfoXenios Project
  The "infoXenios" project has been designed, developed and is being supported by AREIA S.A. under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization (G.N.T.O.)
  A visit to "infoXenios" will give the traveller or perspective visitor to Greece a wealth of information on themes, such as:
  Geography, history, culture, tradition, art, accommodation, services, transportation, food and drink, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, museums and archeological sites, suggested excursion itineraries, etc.
  The "infoXenios" system will also be the point of information for the professionals of the industry presenting statistical data, legal issues on tourism, official announcements of the Greek National Tourism Organization, etc.
  Soon, users will be able to view and select among specials on travel & stay packages and also make reservations at hotels, planes, ships, railway, etc.
  You may contact with us by sending an e-mail to: infoxenios@areianet.gr
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