North and East  Aegean Islands


 Map of  North and East  Aegean Islands    Five large islands (Lesvos, Limnos, Samos, Ikaria, Chios) scattered about the northeastern Aegean are Europe's sea border with the East.

   Five large islands and dozens of smaller ones, precious stones woven into the deep blue silk of the Aegean, are a valuable inheritance with a long and rich history.

   Between Limnos and Lesvos, lies a virgin island with only one village and great beaches; Agios Efstratios. A rocky island with fine sandy beaches and only one village, with a strong Cycladic flavour, Inousses, lies to the east of Chios.

   Nearly Chios, there is also the small but historic island of Psara. Between Samos and Ikaria lie the islets of Fourni with their picturesque fishing harbours.

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