Built to the south-east of Ikaria, Agios Kirikos, capital and one of the two ports of the island, has a population of about 2,400. On a hillock, in the middle of the settlement that is considered one of the most picturesque in the Aegean, it is spread in a amphitheatrical fashion over the gulf of the port, overlooking the neo- classical building that houses the police station and the port authority. A building of similar grandeur houses the municipality as well. The area has been ravaged by a major fire in the summer of 1993.


PhotoThe small settlement by the sea called Armenistis lies to the north east of Agios Kirikos. The village has a population of only 50 inhabitants, who mainly occupy themselves with tourism, especially lately as the area has developed into a contemporary tourist centre.


PHOTOEvdilos is built 40 km to the north west of Agios Kirikos. The second port and first capital of the island of Ikaria has a population of just 300 and one of the most enchanting beaches. Narrow little streets and traditional as well as modern houses with plenty of flowers reveal the love and the ardent desire the inhabitants have for their island. The location is ideal for family holidays.


PHOTO55 km to the north-west of Agios Kirikos lies Gialiskari, a small settlement by the sea located in an area with an abundance of pines. The village climbs up the hills and along with Mantria, Lampsahades and Kastanies, forms a commmunity having Agios Polikarpos as its centre. The settlement has a population of about 100 people, who occupy themselves with agriculture, fishing and tourism.


PHOTOA little further along Evdilos lies the little village of Kambos, which is believed to have been built 2.5 kilometers to the west of the site of the ancient city of Oenoe. The legend says that the first vine sprouted here, and today the inhabitants still cultivate vineyards in the village and make small amounts of strong black wine according to an ancient technique: They spread the berries of the grapes on straws, which prevent humidity from ruining their taste and thus the wine assumes its rich taste and unique flavour.


PHOTOThere was a time when the only reason to travel to Ikaria was to dive in the hot thermal waters of Therma. The little village that lies a little further than the capital of the island is of great touristic interest as ruins of the ancient baths are found nearby as well as the ruins of the ancient city of Drakanos. Apart from the radioactive springs, wonderfully organized beaches are also offered for swimming and relaxation.