Kea is a relatively peaceful island. There are a few picturesque coffee shops where one can enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshment, admiring the serene scenery. At the central pastry shop of Ioulis (Hora), traditional sweets are served, as well as coffee and ouzo with snacks. In Vourkari, which lately seems to have become a major tourist centre, there is "Kafeneio tou Tzimi" with delicious sweets and "ekmek", and "Vinilio", where coffee and juice are served in the morning and "shots" at night. At the quiet small tavernas and restaurants of the island, one can taste fresh fish and fish-food, as well as the delicious local snacks, such as the famous "paspala", made of pork cooked with eggs and tomato, or rolls made of barley. In the centre of Ioulis, there is "Kira Koulas" taverna, "Dafni", "Steki tis Tzias" with a large variety of dishes and famous white wine, or "o Panagiotis", "to Akrogiali", "o Argiris", "i Kira Vasso" and a number of small eating houses, ouzo-shops and "mezedopoleia"(snack shops) where all kinds of delicacies are served. In Korissia and Vourkari, there are many restaurants, pizzerias, ouzo shops and snack bars, where delicious dishes are served as well as local black wine or local retsina from a barrel. A stroll along Koundouros can end by having a nice meal at the taverna bearing the same name, and in Vourkari at "Taverna tou K. Marouli" or at "Aristos" and "Nikos" tavernas, delicious cooked dishes and seafood snacks are served.