Touristically developed Naxos is full of quiet coffee shops, cosmopolitan cafes and pastry shops where one can enjoy a cup of coffee, juice or taste the local pastry made of citron, any time of the day. At the restaurants, the ouzo-shops and the island's tavernas fresh fish is served as well as a large variety of seafood snacks, but there are also tavernas that offer dishes of hunting meat and delicacies of the local cuisine, such as the famous Easter dish "patouda", made of goat meat, vegetables, cheese, eggs and raisins. At Hora are the tavernas "Kastro" which offers a very delicious cuisine and a magnificent view, "Apolavsi", "Moutsouna", which offers delicious seafood dishes, "Meltemi" at the port's entrance, "Faros", ideal for the fans of international cuisine, "Taverna tou Vassili" and "Taverna tou Nikou", where one can eat excellent home-made food and drink local sweet wine. A stroll along Apollonia can end by eating at "Apollonas" taverna, while at Agia Anna lies the picturesque taverna "Panorama". To conclude, at the small traditional eating-houses in Apiranthos the famous local "kefalopodia", which is a kind of tripe is served.