PhotoThe architecture of Naxos does not follow the Cycladic model faithfully. It was built by a mechanic according to a specific plan unlike the rest of the Cyclades. Its houses fall into three categories: The mansions are mainly built inside the Castle and have marble sockets for the flagstaff in the front; The houses in Hora and the villages have stone staircases without parapets; The towers are in the countryside and combine elements of western and Cycladian architecture alike. Throughout history, the women of the island occupied themselves on the loom, making blankets, curtains and tablecloths with beautiful colours from natural dyes. The island's embroidery and knitwear were also celebrated. Today, Naxiot women still weave but not for commercial purposes. The people of Naxos honour their traditions. Their feasts are full of the merry sounds of bagpipes and violins which accompany the local dances.