Dodecanese Islands Map     The Dodecanese are located south of Samos and Fourni, east of the Cyclades, east of the coast of Asia Minor, and north-east of Crete.

   It is an enchanted world where the sun paints pictures and the sea gives life. The mild winters and refreshing summers give the Dodecanese one of the healthiest climates in the Mediteranean.

   The islands of the Dodecanese  (Rhodes, Kos, Simi, Tilos, Astipalaia, Nissiros, Kalymnos, Kassos, Leros, Halki, Kastelorizo, Patmos, Lipsi, Karpathos), are engaged in a beauty contest, with no clear winner.

   At the crossroads of three continents the Dodecanese are a powerful pole of attraction for visitors who come to them in order to enjoy the healthy climate, the sun and the sparkling clean sea. To spend their holiday the way they want to, either in a cosmopolitan environment or on a quiet shore.

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