"Festival of Omonia"AugustAPERIThe Cultural Society “Omonia” organize an annual festival with local dancing and singing, in August.
"The feast-day of Kira Panagia"23th of AugustAPERI
"The feast-day of Mirtidiotissa"23th of AugustAPERI
"The feast-day of Virgin Mary"15th of AugustAPERI
"The feast of Klydonas"26th of JuneAPERI
"The feast of the Saviour"6th of AugustAPERI
"Feast of Agia Sofia"17th of SeptemberARKASSAThe feast takes place at Finiki.
"The feast-day of Ag. Nikolaos"6th of DecemberARKASSA
"The feast-day of Ipapandi"2nd of FebruaryARKASSA
"The feast-day of the Saviour"6th of AugustDIAFANI
"Halloween"Last Sunday of HalloweenKARPATHOSThe last Sunday of the Halloween, all the islanders celebrate together in open space, dancing the “dance of pepper” and swearing.
"Shrove Monday"Shrove MondayKARPATHOSThis event includes a popular court, where the righteous people of the island judge the bad deeds. The men make insulting gestures to other men, dressed as women. The “jafiedes” intervene and take the bad men to “court”, all through the day.
"The birth of Theotokos Larniotissa"7th SeptemberKARPATHOS
"The celebration of the Annunciation"25th of MarchKARPATHOSThis event is the most important event on the island.
"The feast-day of Agia Kiriaki"7th JulyKARPATHOS
"The feast-day of the Saviour"5,6,7th of AugustMENETES
"The feast-day of Virgin Mary"15th of AugustMENETES
"Feast of Agia Irini"5th of MayMESSOHORIThe feast takes place on the location of Agia Irini.
"Feast of Agios Georgios"3th of NovemberMESSOHORIThe feast takes place at Spoa. People named “George” have their name day on November 3, the day Karpathians open their wine. Thus St George is called “methystis” (he who makes people drink too much). This is opening feast of the season.
"Feast of Panagia Messohoritissa"8th of SeptemberMESSOHORIOn the day of the celebration, in a room next to the church there is a gathering, where the people serve meat and rice.
"Feast of Monastery of Hrissovalandou"10th of AugustOLIMBOS
"Feast of Virgin Mary"15th of AugustOLIMBOSThe feast is held according to old customs, while the villagers dance local dances, under the sounds of the traditional local instruments.
"Feast of Agios Pandeleimon"26,27,28th of JulyOTHOSIt is the most important event in the area. All the islanders gather and have dinner together, eating meat and rice. After dinner, they all kiss the icon of the Saint and donate money, while the local instrument players play.