Kassos TOWNS


Photo The small settlement of Arvanitohori has about 250 inhabitants and lies 3 km south of Fri. It is a lovely place nestled in a verdant and fertile plain. It houses the church of Agios Dimitrios and the much smaller Trion Ierarchon. In its quiet alleyways stand old mansions, and although most are abandoned, they still preserve their local colour. One of them houses a small folk art collection. In the surrounding area, there are findings of great archaeological importance.


Photo Emborios, 1 km from Fri, has been the island's harbour since early times. Today, its calm waters are hosts to caiques, since its inhabitants are mostly engaged in fishing. In the town, stands the three-aisled basilica church of the Birth of the Virgin (1856). It was built on the site of an ancient temple and an early christian basilica.


Photo The capital of Kassos, Fri, has a population of 250 inhabitants. It was built in 1840 on the bay of Burka, thus it resembles an eyebrow. Today, the traditional architecture makes the town beautiful and picturesque. In the town's alleys and squares, one can admire the old mansions of the island's captains, as well as the church of Agios Spyridon (19th century). The Town Hall houses a significant archaeological and folklore collection.


Photo Polio, the old capital of Kassos, is situated on the mainland, 2 km from Fri. After its destruction from a strong earthquake in 1912, the town was rebuilt on a hill 200 m. high, thus providing a captivating view of Fri and the sea. On top of the hill, in the location of Kastro, a fortress was built. Today, one can only see ruins, while in the surroundings area, excavations have brought to light ancient tombs and multitude of invaluable artifacts. In the town, one should visit the church of Agia Triada. The settlement's few inhabitants are occupied with agriculture and stock-breeding.