PhotoIn spite of its rocky look, Kassos is a masterpiece of traditional architecture. Most of the houses are two-storeyed, built of stone, with wooden balconies. The newly built houses display Cycladean characteristics, as they are painted white and have coloured windows, while the balconies are decorated with the beautiful Dodecanesian cement banisters shaped like a rose. The balconies and yards are full of beautiful flowers, always clean and nicely preserved. The churches are arched, the arches shaped like arrows on top, while they have pebble floors and beautiful bell-towers. The people of Kassos follow the tradition, not only as far as architecture is concerned, but as far as family and customs are concerned also. The locals love and respect their family and they preserve all the customs they inherited from their ancestors. Similar to other Dodecanese islands, the wedding and christening ceremonies in Kassos are a traditional style. The feasts lasts for many days and the whole village, as well as the tourists, are invited. Most of the local bazaars, organized by the municipality include contributions for the preservation of the churches. The Society of Culture organizes many concerts and theatrical performances in the summer, while on the anniversary of the holocaust in May 1824, in Andiperatos, a requiem service is perfumed and the gathering, which lasts for two days, ends with a doxology and offering of wreaths from the whole island.