PhotoThe history of Kastelorizo goes back to Neolithic times. Its first dwellers were Pelasgians as various finds and ruins of fortification walls indicate. Later it was inhabited by Minoans and Myceneans. It was called Megisti from the settler Megisteus. Later it was called Kastelorizo from the Italian name "Castello Rosso" which means red rock because of the colour of the rocks its castle was built on. Its fate was the same as the rest of the Dodecanese. After the fall of the Byzantine empire was captured by the Venetians and Genoans and finally was sold to the Knights of Rhodes. In 1523 it fell to the Turks despite its powerful fortifications but the inhabitants secured some special privileges but were under tribute to the Sultan. When the Greek Revolution of 1821 was declared, the island was enjoying great commercial and economic prosperity. It had a considerable number of ships which offered to the cause. In 1830 it came to the possession of the Turks again according to Protocol of London. In 1913 the islanders revolted against the tyrants and in 1915, during World War I, Castelorizo was taken by the French who used it as a naval base. In 1920 they ceded it to the Italians who occupied it until the end of World War I. It was finally incorporated to the Greek state in 7th March of 1948 together with the rest of the Dodecanese islands.