"Feast of Agios Demetrios"26th of OctoberASFENDIOUThe feast takes place at Haihoutes.
"Feast of Agios Georgios"ASFENDIOUThe feast takes place at the forest of Mavrokambos and includes dinner with traditional cuisine.
"Feast of Agios Ioannis Theologos"8th of MayASFENDIOUThe feast takes place at the site of Lagoudi.
"Feast of the Saviours’ Ascension"6th of AugustASFENDIOUThe feast takes place at Zipari, while the evening before people celebrate winning and dining.
"Feast of Agios Ioannis"29th of AugustKARDAMENA
"The birth of Virgin Mary"8th of SeptemberKARDAMENA
"Dodecanesian Championships"Middle of MayKEFALOSAn athletic event in which athletes from all the Dodecanesian islands take part.
"Feast of Agia Paraskevi"26th of JuneKEFALOS
"Feast of Agios Ioannis"29th of AugustKEFALOS
"Feast of Virgin Mary"15th of AugustKEFALOSDuring the feast, one can taste goat boiled with rice, donated by the stock-breeders in honour of Virgin Mary.
"The Carnaval"Last Sunday of HalloweenKEFALOS
"The tour of Kefalos"OctoberKEFALOS
"Ippokratia"AugustKOSDuring this festival, one can visit the exhibition of agricultural products, see plays, participate in the feasts with the local dance groups, and have free food and wine. Every Sunday at Asklepeio, there is a recreation of Hippokrates’ oath.
"Feast of Agios Ioannis"29th of AugustMASTIHARIThe feast takes place the night before religious celebration, while the local instrument players participate in it.
"Feast of Agios Nikitas"15th SeptemberMASTIHARIPeople gather for dinner, eating rice and goat, donated by the local stock-breeders.
"Feast of Apostles"30th of JuneMASTIHARI
"Feast of the Holy Trinity"15th of AugustMASTIHARI
"Halloween"Last Sunday of HalloweenMASTIHARIThe Carnival is celebrated traditionally with the “games” and “Kokhala”, a dummy resembling the head of a donkey, whose mouth moves with a string.
"Cultural Events"AugustPILIThe Cultural Society “Apellis” in association with the Municipality organize, in August, evenings with local dances and songs, as well as theatrical performances.
"Feast of Agios Georgios"23th of AprilPILIDuring the feast there is a horse-race, while there is free food and wine.
"Halloween"Last Sunday of HalloweenPILIThe Carnival, taking place at the central square of Pili, includes a parade of chariots, while people sing funny verses.
"Klydon"23th of JunePILISt John the “Klydon” is celebrated with the custom of the “silent” water, while the single girls have dreams about their beloved to be.