"Feast of Agios Georgios"23th of AprilAFANDOUThe feast takes place at the chapel of Agios Georgios.
"Feast of Agios Lucas"18th of OctoberAFANDOUThe feast takes place in the village’s church.
"Halloween"Last Sunday of HalloweenAFANDOUThe Carnival is celebrated in a unique local way and the events, lasting until Shrove Monday, include a parade of chariots, satiric verses and a beg feast.
"The Feast of the Virgin Mary"15th of AugustAFANDOU
"Cultural Events"Second half of AugustARHAGGELOSThe events last for a week and include book exhibitions, speeches and traditional dances from the local groups.
"Feast of Agia Marina"17th of JulyARHAGGELOS
"Feast of Panagia Alemonitra"23th of AugustARHAGGELOS
"Feast of Panagia Tsambika"8th of SeptemberARHAGGELOS
"Feast of the Arhangel Michael"8th of NovemberARHAGGELOSÐáíçãýñé ìå ëáúêÜ üñãáíá.
"Halloween"Last Sunday of HalloweenARHAGGELOSThere is a traditional carnival with satyr regarding politics and social events.
"Feast of Virgin Mary"15th of AugustEMBONASThe feast includes wining, dining and dancing under the sounds of the local instruments.
"Wine Celebration"Second half of SeptemberEMBONASHere, visitors have free wine, grapes and “matsakofti”. The feast includes dance by the local groups dressed in their traditional costumes.
"Feast of Virgin Mary"15th of AugustIALISSOS
"Feast of Zoodohos Pigi"15th AugustIALISSOSThe feast takes place at the church of Zoodohos Pigi, in Filerimos. After the litany of the saint’s icon, the feast is attended by the honoured guests, the Italian priests from Aseza.
"Ialissia"First half of AugustIALISSOSEvents including local dancing by local groups, athletic competitions and concerts from the children’s choir and the band of Ialissos. The visitors can also see exhibitions on books and painting, housed in the first Elementary School .
"Feast of Agios Pandeleimonas"25th - 26th - 27th of JulyKATAVIA
"Feast of Virgin Mary"15th of AugustKATAVIAIt is a traditional feast with local violins and flutes.
"Feast of Agia Marina"17th of JulyKOSKINOU
"Tourism Day"27th of SeptemberKOSKINOUThe events include local music and dancing by local groups dressed in their traditional costumes, while they are concluded with dinner.
"Feast of Virgin Mary"14th - 23th of AugustKREMASTIIt is one of the most important feasts in Rhodes, during which, one can visit the Hellenic Exhibition of Craftwork, organized in a green area by Municipality and EOMMEX.
"Feast of Agios Constandinos"21th of ÌayLAERMAThe feast takes place at the monastery of Thari.
"Feast of Agios Georgios"23th of AprilLAERMA
"Feast of Agios Pavlos"29th of JuneLINDOS
"Feast of Virgin Mary"14th of AugustLINDOS
"Feast of Agia Marina"17th of JulyPARADISSI
"Cultural Events"August - SeptemberRHODESThe events last for a week and include book exhibitions, speeches and traditional dances from the local groups.
"Sound and Light"April - OctoberRHODESThe performances of “Sound and Light” take place in the yard of the Palace of the Knights. The performance is in the Greek language, every Sunday.
"Christmas"24th of December - 6th of JanuarySALAKOSIn the cave of Makarouna there is a live recreation of the birth of Jesus, while children dressed as angels offer tea to the guests coming from all around the island, to admire them.
"Feast of Virgin Mary"15 AugustSALAKOS
"Feast of Agios Georgios"23th of AprilSALAKOS
"Feast of Profitis Ilias"20th of JulySALAKOSThe feast takes place, at the monastery of the same name.
"Easter"The Thusday after EasterSKALA KAMIROUOn Easter Tuesday, there is a feast including wining, dining, dancing and local instruments.
"Feast of Panagia Amartou"8th of SeptemberSKALA KAMIROU